Welcome to the Virtus 2022 Game Jam!

Push your skills to the next level, collaborate with developers and build a game in just 2 weeks!

The Virtus Game Jam is an annual competition where participants create and submit a game based on the announced theme where it will be judged by our in house team. The winners will receive big prizes!

How Is My Game Judged?

Your game will be judged by our in house team of professionals based on 5 categories:


How creative your interpretation of the theme is


How playable and unique the gameplay is


How skillful the sound design is


How unified and artful the game's aesthetics are


Most importantly, how much fun the game is

Your game is then given an overall rating which will decide how it is ranked.


To be announced...

Team Up!

Join our Discord and team up with like-minded game developers!


Can I use whatever game engine I want? (Unity, Godot, etc.)

You can use whatever game engine you prefer to create your game. Your choice will not affect how it is judged

Can I join the Game Jam after it has started?

Yes you can join at any time, as long as your game is submitted before the deadline

Can I work with other people on my game?

Yes, you can team up with a maximum of 5 people. However, you cannot be a member on more than one team or you will be disqualified

Can my game be NSFW?

No. In general, your game should be playable for all ages, so no offensive or hateful content is allowed.


To be announced...