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Driven By Passion

Just like you, I wanted to learn to make games without going to college/university spending thousands in fees..

There's no single resource or comprehensive guides for making games so I spent 10 years scouring the internet for knowledge, tips and tricks.

I want to take the pain away for everyone else. I want to make the process of learning to create video games easy and readily available.

I built my own studio...

I built my own creative studio, hired employees and do what I love the most... making immersive experiences full time. As part of my elite support package, you'll get support from industry professionals to help you build your very own games.

Virtus Pro Perks

As part of the Virus Pro grup, you'll be provided with all manner of perks to assist you in your journey to becoming a game developers. Everything from mentoring and accountability to access to our courses. See the full list below:



EARLY ACCESS to all Youtube training content.

PRIORITY RESPONSE in our community Discord.

INFLUENCE future course builds.

Jam Packed With Value For Just $50 A Month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get?

As part of our pro support package, you'll receive all of the perks mentioned above for the duration of your membership.

Can I cancel the support package?

If you are no longer in need of our support or just want to do thing on your own, you are FREE TO CANCEL anytime without commitments. All perks will continue until the last day of your paid support membership.

How do I access the group training?

Upon purchasing the gold support package, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a group coaching every single week.

Ready... Set... Learn!

Kickstart your game development today and start building your dream video games supported by high quality training, mentoring and a awesome community.